Twitter'da Satılıyor.

 Twitter sell. He stayed at one of Apple's all over the area. Apple now does not enjoy the phone from the computer so. What do I do guys got the money is. Of course, it looked for the back of the entertainment console entertainment oladığı Apple would have certainly already. I think that Apple itself in the social network, we will try to show the movement of this too, taking less than a brand which is creating a brand new way to put himself in this sector. Their company in a very big way twitter They're so pretty soon the road sector. I think it would be against some people as instagaram'da and will use twitter for a while. But then I will come back to the forcedly. What would you say to this issue but I do not know if Steve dad does the exact Twitter to a site it would have done much better quality. Because I hope you like it in the world because it was Steve who differ from one vardırda leads us to a different type of site design. Anyway, here I wish you success Apple, social media industry.

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