Plastic iPhone confirmed

Surveillance of the Board of the Working Class in China as a result of his research conducted confirmed the existence of iPhone's plastic.

For a long time engaged in the world of technology, the budget-friendly iPhone rumors today added a new one. This one is a little different from the rumor the other rumors.

Surveillance results of a research conducted by the Board of the Working Class in China made ​​of plastic, confirmed the existence of budget-friendly iPhone.

Assembly workers' rights to a secret checking Apple's iPhone is manufactured in a factory plastic case reports of realized and iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, and plastic-cased montajlamasının has been done.

Audit reports prepared after the iPhone's plastic case specifying how it is produced, the board afraid to share all the details of the production. The report also plastic case is covered with gelatin to prevent the iPhone and Apple iPhone models that are very close to the plastic case also underlines the market will continue.

Prepares a report for the Council produced, plastic-cased iPhone accuracy is questionable quality budget-friendly videos on the iPhone and the iPhone a while ago and it appears that the FCC's stamp of thinking.

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