Apple launches iOS 7, here's how you can get it

Are you ready, iOS device owners? iOS 7 is here and ready for download.
Apple today released its completely redesigned operating system, and the iPhone owners here in the TechRadar office are eagerly awaiting it to finish loading on their phones.
An hour wait? We'll wait.
Besides being a drastic visual departure from previous iOS iterations, iOS 7 comes packing a host of new features, from iTunes Radio to Control Center to AirDrop file sharing to improved multitasking functions.
The update isn't perfect, as we found in our iOS 7 review, but overall it's a vast improvement over older iOSes.

How to download iOS 7

So, how to get the new and improved iOS?

First, remember the free update is available for the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 as well as iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4 and iPad mini, plus the 5th gen iPod touch, so if you're still rocking an iPhone 3GS, tough luck.
Head on over to the Settings app on your device. Click on General then on Software Update and watch iOS 7 start to seep into your device's veins. Apple will prompt you to verify a few settings after the update is complete, but after that you and your iOS 7-equipped device are good to go.
Update complete
As those of us downloading iOS 7 over the air are discovering, a Wi-Fi connection is a download essential.
You can also stick your compatible gadget into iTunes to pull in the download. Plug your device into your computer, open iTunes and click on the type device you wish to update. iTunes will prompt you to Check for Update, so go ahead and choose that option.
Note that you will need at least iTunes 11.0.5 to download iOS 7 (Apple released iTunes 11.1 earlier today).
If you downloaded a dev edition of iOS 7, you'll need to download Apple's final version the same way you acquired the pre-release OS. You can find links to downloading here.
For dev-edition owners who want to download via iTunes, connect and select the device in iTunes as non-dev-edition owners would. Then, hold down either Option or Shift (on a Mac or Windows PC) and click Update. Select the IPSW file you wish to download, then select Choose and watch iOS 7 arrive.
There's also an option to click on Restore and then select the IPSW, but existing files will disappear, as will settings. Backing up your data is a must.
The iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, launching Friday, will come equipped with iOS 7 out of the box, so no need to download if you're picking up the new phones.
Update: As with most high-profile releases, iOS 7's launch isn't going off without a hitch. Including long wait times, users are reporting running into errors attempting to download the update. The issues are very likely due to an deluge of people trying to install the update ASAP, so your patience may need extra practice today. The best advice is to keep trying until error messages subside, and perhaps wait a few hours until the initial rush dies down.

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