How To Use iOS 7 (2)

Using the App Switcher

The App Switcher can still be accessed by double-tapping the home button. But instead of a drawer popping up from the bottom of the display, the app switcher takes over the entire screen with thumbnails showing open apps. Swipe left and right to find the app you want. The switcher also works in landscape mode, but most of your apps will be sideways.

To kill apps in iOS 7, you go into the App Switcher and swipe up on the app thumbnail you want to kill. In iOS 6, you needed to tap and hold on an icon until they all started to jiggle then tap the tiny X in the corner of the icon. This is quicker -- just swipe up and you're done.

Turning Off Parallax

Apple's iOS 7 has a new, subtle animation that shows the background images on your Home and Lock screens swaying and moving as you move your phone. If you're not a fan of seeing things moving slightly as you move your phone, you can switch it off. Head to Settings > General > Accessibility and tap on Reduce Motion. Unfortunately, the Apple-supplied dynamic wall paper that sits behind your app icons will continue to move even with Movement turned off.

Using the New Camera

There are some new basic controls inside the Camera on iOS 7. To switch from snapping stills to shooting video, swipe right from anywhere inside the app. To shoot a panorama or an Instagram-ready square photo, swipe left.

There are also new "live filters" which can be applied before you take a picture. In both square and normal mode inside the Camera, tap on the three colored balls in the right corner to turn on live filter shooting.

The Music app got a major overhaul. Beyond the new red and white color scheme, there's the inclusion of iTunes Radio. The new service offers up Pandora-like radio stations that have either been curated or assembled algorithmically. Or, like Pandora, you can fire up your own stations based on songs or artists you like.

To activate iTunes Radio while a song in your library is playing, you can press "Create" inside the player and a menu pops up to create a playlist or create a station from the artist or song.

While playing a song from a station, tap the information icon (the "i") at the top of the screen to create new stations based on the song or artist currently playing. You can also "tune" each station, telling it to stick to well-known hits, or setting it to "Discovery" to hear more obscure gems. More importantly, you can turn on explicit tracks from here.
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