iPhone 5C 1 day 1 Million Receives Order!

Shared data on the first day of pre-orders for the iPhone 5C. Accordingly iPhone 5C, received a pre-order of 1 million units in 24 hours. Apple's last year's model, the iPhone 5, the first day of pre-order reached 2 million units.
On the evening of September 10 5C Apple introduced two iPhone models, other models will be available with a price tag of less than $ 100 5S'ten. This factor, iPhone 5C "not so cheap", while comments on the pre-order figures look pretty good result.

Apple officials announced: Exciting!
5C 1 million units of iPhone pre-order performance of a model introduced by Apple last year, the sale of state makjajlanmış not only showed high interest could remain under attack.
Apple on the figures for the first pre-order "Exciting" found pre-order figures for the iPhone 5C welcomed.

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