iPhone 5s'in "Touch ID" sensor vulnerable

IPhone 5s'in released on September 20 in certain countries without a doubt the most noteworthy feature is called Touch ID fingerprint reader placed on the home screen, press. Touch ID is generated and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, home screen or iTunes Store / App Store your music, movie or application by swiping your fingerprint to grant approval for acquisitions and allows us to open the main screen.
Many hackers since the iPhone last week after breaking 5s'in this new feature. Germany Chaos Computing Club (CCC), a member of the hackers, Apple has managed to fool the firewall rather trust Touch ID sensor. Pirates, a high-resolution photograph of the fingerprint is dipped in latex milk, the cross-section of the fingerprints and then take lightly üfledikten dokundurduğunda clay is the main screen of the iPhone 5s'in able to open. Touch ID, you can watch the video below how tricked.

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