With iOS 7 you can finally hide Newsstand

Over the years there have been interesting tweaks and workarounds to hide the Newsstand folder on iOS devices. Often times, though, a simple restart would reverse any black magic and Newsstand would reappear, taunting the device's owner.
All of that has changed in iOS 7. Instead of forcing users to get creative or just deal with Newsstand on their device, Apple now lets you place the icon in a folder, just as you would any other app; no special tricks required.

Simply drag the Newsstand icon to a folder, or another app icon to create a folder and forget it's even on your device.
In the past the issue with hiding Newsstand was that it itself was a folder, and iOS doesn't allow a folder to be placed inside a folder. With iOS 7 it appears Apple has removed the folder aspect to the Newsstand icon, meaning iOS can treat it as a normal app icon. This is also means you'll no longer see a preview of any content you have stored in Newsstand.

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