Apple iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C Reviews

As the flagship of Apple's new iPhone 5S will meet today with the users. 5S and apple iPhone hits the market today, with impatient fans waiting for this phone. The most important feature that separates the two other models iPhone 5S'i fingerprint reader, and the screen is 64-bit. Apple iPhone, a new innovation by using a different fingerprint reader was signed. Motorola phones had this feature, but I had not seen much interest. But Apple's name is changing everything. Beside the name of a fingerprint reader reacts very quickly. This is compared with face recognition feature of Android, but there is not much difference between the two, because it happens in every field face recognition, where not enough light is impossible to use this feature. If the fingerprint reader designed for every field and in every way. Here's video review of the iPhone 5S'in;

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