Apple New iPad Air Hands-on


/ by Serkan Kaplan

Apple's just announced the $499 iPad Air at its event today in San Francisco, and we've gotten a chance to spend a few minutes with the new device. Long story short: it looks and feels like a larger (but not that much larger) iPad mini, and that's mostly a really good thing. It's really beautiful, with cleaner bezels, a much thinner profile, and sharper, boxier edges.

The 9.7-inch, one-pound, 7.5mm-thick device feels much better in one hand than it used to, though it's certainly not as portable as the iPad mini which now has a 2048 x 1536 screen to match the Air's as well. Along with the new A7 processor and a handful of under-the-hood improvements, this is just about the upgrade we expected, but more than ever the iPad Air feels like you're just holding a big screen full of the internet. That's probably a good thing.

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