iPhone 6 Concept Video

In the network appeared a new concept video of the iPhone 6 , the future apple device that everyone is waiting for . The concept was designed by Alex Casabo .
In the video concept , the iPhone is growing a bit ‘ in height but tapers up to a thickness of 5.5 mm and weight of 109 grams. The new Apple device in the video measure 130mm in height and 63mm in length. According to the designer , the iPhone 6 will be available in the same three colors of 5S , including the new golden version . The new smartphone from Apple in iOS 7.2 concept is equipped with new features such as “rapid response “, the ” closing a tap of the app in the background ” and a function ” password protection ” of the individual app .
The fingerprint sensor grows in capacity of resolution (600dpi ) , with the display : a gorilla glass 3 4.7 ” with a resolution of 1920 x 1089 pixels.
The 1930mAh battery is bigger because of the larger display and new hardware ( A8 processor quad- core 1.2 GHz).
The concept of the video and is available here:

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