Apple iBand Video

At the moment, no leaks or rumors no way of knowing what the future will look like shown connected to Apple, the iWatch. 
Obviously, this lack arouses curiosity designers who are willing to develop their own vision of the iWatch. Today, it is a concept that is similar to that found here, ie repeating the lines of Nike FuelBand discovered in this article but inspired by the design and colors of the iPhone 5c: 
The iBand is a lot more complex than it seems at first bracelet. 
The screen is very simple means at the display but shows basic information such as time, heart rate, calories grilled or a navigation system reduced to its simplest expression.

The bracelet also incorporates iBeacons technology and specials or activities identified will then be displayed on the screen. The iBand goes even further by providing the Touch ID to secure the bracelet which could then serve as a means of payment. Even the voice assistant Siri is the part as a follow-up sleep.

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