Apple iPad Air 2: Display Panel

The Apple iPad 2 Air has also to be in spite of much speculation around the iPhone 6 with some rumors that fits to a display panel has been leaked. This shows not only the supposed front panel of the iPad Air 2, but also the built-in display - that fact may suggest that Apple wants to bring a new process for the production of the iPad-air displays for use.
The display panel has been leaked of "One More Thing" and could, according to opinion of "iFixit" quite correspond to reality. Eben That new process for the production of display panels is already used in the MacBook Pro with Retina display and the iPhone 5s - accordingly, it is obvious that Apple's advantages also want to use the iPad Air 2. 

Especially since there are good reasons for Apple to manufacture the display panel in this style - either Apple would like 2 consider the iPad Air with a sleeker design and could thus save space, or else it is to be installed a better battery, which takes up more space, which this in turn would save the display. With certainty, no conclusion can be drawn, the official presentation of the iPad 2 Air should therefore take place only in Q3 2014. 

The leaked front panel for iPad 2 Air certainly does as follows:

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