iPhone Pro Concept Video

Concept designers of new devices is not constrained by any technical limitations that can be clearly seen in the last two concepts iPhone 6 andiController - first controller for Apple's iPhone.

Concept iPhone 6 has improved the front and rear cameras , as well as new notifications indicator located next to the Touch ID. In addition the device has received a system on a chip Apple A9, running iOS 8 and comes with an integrated stylus.

But the most interest is the controller iController, which is a kind of case with control buttons. Similar solutions are already available on the market, but they are slightly too high quality.

iController received not only a comfortable body , but the projector , allowing broadcast in real time all the content that is displayed on the screen device. If desired , the main display iPhone 6 can act as a secondary screen . Projector interacts with Gyro whereby the image remains fixed in place.



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