Apple introduces new iPad Pro

As expected, Apple introduced a new iPad Pro at the WWDC keynote. Phil Schiller presented the new tablet before the developers and other invited guests.

Well-known stereo sound, better display and faster processor

The new 10.5 inch iPad Pro offers stereosound with the help of four loudspeakers on the lower and upper edges on the left and right. This is already known by the other Pro-Tablets of Apple. With the help of the floor sensors, Apple controls the sound output so that the listener always has an optimal sound.

Apple Pencil benefits

The display has been improved once again compared to the previous iPad displays. It uses left and right almost no edge, and thus offers more display with less space consumption. Accordingly, users could be offered a better iPad experience at almost the same size. The color presentation has also been optimized. Apple has also improved at the refresh rate, which is up to 120 Hz. This is also the benefit of the Apple Pencil, which the company has also donated some new software by software. Apple speaks in the context of "ProMotion" and gives the latency of the Apple Pencil at iPads with iOS 11 of under 20 milliseconds.

No more a 9.7 inch model

If you put a line under it, you'll find that the 9.7 inch iPad Pro has survived. It is only logical that the iPhone manufacturer from Cupertino does not offer the device anymore. Also, do not be surprised if Apple will use this type of display with smaller edges in other products.

The new Pro-Tablet also still has a 3.5 mm jack connector for headphones or other music accessories. The home button is also expected to be available and clickable, unlike the iPhone 7. The manufacturer could also keep the weight despite the larger display at less than 450 grams.

iPad Pro 12.9 inches also upgraded

Because the new tablet offers a faster processor, Apple would like to not deprive its customers of the extra power with the remaining model. Correspondingly, you can now buy the iPad Pro 12.9 inch with faster Apple A10X Fusion processor. Some of the features that make the Apple tablet stand out against the competition are connected to the new iOS 11.

Apple states that the 64-bit processor A10X offers more performance than most PC laptops on the market. According to the company, "complex tasks" such as editing photos and UHD videos and rendering 3D images can be done effortlessly. Although six cores in the CPU now work and even 12 in the GPU, the battery life with iOS 11 is not below the previous models. However, users get up to 30 percent faster CPU performance and 40 percent faster graphics performance than the A9X chip.

iOS 11 makes iPad (Pro) even more productive

In a separate article, we pointed out the upcoming iOS 11. There will be many changes, including new features in multitasking. This allows you to add apps at any time to an existing app in the "Split View" via an extended dock. Then you can drag and drop files and media between the active apps. You will also be able to edit and share screenshots directly. All these and many other features will be available in the fall with iOS 11 and increase the productivity of the iPad Pro. However, the refresh rate is adaptive. If you do not use fast-changing scenes such as video editing, the iPad will recognize this and consume less power than before. All in all, the faster processor means that a constant energy budget can be achieved.

Prices and availability

The new 10.5 inch Pro-Tablet and the new old 12.9 inch Pro-Tablet are now also offered with 64 GB memory. In addition, the devices are also offered with 256 GB or 512 GB flash memory. As a user, you can choose from a Wi-Fi version and a model with LTE support. Apple offers the tablet in four different colors: silver, gold, rose gold and space gray. The cheapest model costs 729 euros. You pay at least 889 euros for the variant with LTE support.

If you want to buy the new model with 12.9 inch display, then you pay at least 899 euros for it, the LTE variant costs you at least 1.059 euros. Apple continues to offer the "large" iPad Pro the color variant of rose gold not.

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