From iOS 11 to a new iPad through the Siri Speaker: what to expect from Apple's WWDC?

Today, Apple's WWDC conference begins with its developers in San Jose, California. While the event is focused on software news, the upcoming keynote conference will leave behind the company's plans for the coming months as Apple is expected to be able to introduce some hardware upgrades.

Market, customers and developers are looking forward to what the giant of Cupertino can unveil today. Rumors are pointing to a new operating system, file manager on mobile devices, iPads models, MacBook renewal and even the possible appearance of a Siri-based home speaker.

The most anticipated is the renewal of the current operating systems and is that Apple has traditionally used the WWDC to present the new versions of iOS and MacOs. With respect to mobile devices (iPhone, iPod and iPad) the arrival of iOS 11 is coming, which could go beyond the aesthetic changes to one of functionalities that could integrate functions, making a transition between devices more fluid. In fact, hours before the presentation has filtered an application called Files that would be equivalent to Finder MacOs and with which users could manage files from the iPad or iPhone.

With respect to MacOs, few innovations are expected with respect to functionality and the changes are considered minor and without great importance for the ecosystem. It is speculated with a better management of the security and a possible change in the system of applications.

Minor system updates are also expected on systems operating systems such as Apple TV or Apple Watch, tvOS or WatchOs.

New MacBook and iPad?
Although less likely to update their operating systems, also sounds strongly the possible update of devices in the catalog of iPad and MacBook.

Specifically, it is speculated that Apple could present a redesign for its iPad Pro that would tighten the frames to, keeping the size, grow the screen. Likewise, it is also speculated that the company could renew some of its models of MacBook, where it is not expected a redesign of the same but an improvement of its characteristics.

More improbable seems to be seen on the stage of San Jose news regarding the Mac Pro, as it is speculated that the company's high-end desktop equipment will not be long in reaching the market.

Siri against Amazon and Google
In recent days, the possibility that Apple has been presenting its own home-based speaker in the WWDC has gained momentum. Specifically, the company's alternative to fight with the Amazon Echo and Google Home would be to launch their own smart speaker based on their personal assistant Siri.

According to Bloomberg, to build this 'Siri Speaker' the company would have relied on Inventec, the same company that has been behind making its coveted AirPods headphones.

With the idea that developers take advantage of this new platform, the speaker could be introduced this afternoon although it would be strange that Apple show today all the details around it, so you probably have to wait for specifications, price and availability.

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