iOS 11 could have a "drag and drop"

As the hours go by they are still unveiling the plans that Apple could have prepared for this afternoon. We have already seen how it could present a "Files" application as a file explorer, we do not know if only for iPad or also for iPhone, also that the "TV" application could reach other countries outside the United States, and now there are signs that speak of A "Drag and Drop" function in the iPad's multitasking.

If a few days ago the developers of applications as well known as Documents, Spark or PDF Expert showed us how they had managed to implement this function in iOS 10 without official support for it, it seems that Apple has in its plans to equip all developers with the tools To do it, as we see in an image of the application "Feedback" that is included in iOS Betas.

It has been a long time talking about this "drag and drop" or drag and drop that would allow two applications on the screen and take files from one another, which would greatly facilitate the sharing of files between applications without having to resort to the current form To do so through the "Share Sheet" that for many users is complicated.

The fact that it is together with the item "Split View" indicates that it will be a function that will accompany this multitasking, currently restricted to the latest models of iPad whose power and RAM allows to have two applications open simultaneously . But it is not possible that this type of split screen is also added to the iPhone 7 Plus, which has the ability to place the screen horizontally, so it may be that the large Apple iPhone also has this possibility of drag and drop. iOS 11 is the hope of many who want the iPad to become a much more productive tool, and this could be a first step along with the file explorer.

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