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HTC U11: How to insert the SIM card

Select the appropriate SIM card size

SIM cards are available in different formats. Depending on which smartphone you used so far, your SIM card could have the wrong size. In 2012, for example, many devices were delivered with a micro SIM card; in 2017, most smartphones - like the HTC U11 - use a nano SIM card.

A new Nano SIM card can be ordered easily from your mobile phone provider. If you received the card by mail after a short waiting period, you only have to remove it from your plastic holder with the necessary caution.

We also advise against cutting larger SIM cards by means of a template. The contacts of the sensitive SIM card may be damaged. Also, if you cut the card, the card could slip in the smartphone, which could lead to connection breaks.

Open the slot and insert the card

The slot for the SIM card can be found on your HTC U11 on the top of the device. There you see a small opening. Pick up the supplied tool and push it into the hole until the slide jumps out of the slot. Then carefully pull out the sled. If necessary, the shaft can also be opened in this way with a curved office clip.

When you're using it, you can not make a lot of mistakes: simply place the Nano-SIM in the shape of the shape and with the contact side facing down into the recess. The HTC U11 is by the way a smartphone with dual SIM function. So you can use a micro SD memory card or two SIM cards in the holder. Finally, push the sled back into the unit.

The first commissioning with SIM card

Now you can turn on your HTC U11. When you start up, you will be prompted to enter the PIN code that you received together with the card. If you have forgotten your PIN, you must unlock the device with the longer PUK. After entering the correct code, the system will guide you step by step through the registration process. The smartphone is now unlocked and you can use it unrestricted.