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iPhone 9 New Design

Apple is introducing the new iPhone 9 in September this year. iPhone 8 comes with new features. There are lots of news about iPhone 8. With the innovations in design, battery life, screen, home key, operating system, the forthcoming iPhone 8 is awaited.

iPhone 9 Release Date

Apple introduced iPhone 8 last September. And he attracted great interest around the world. This will introduce you to iPhone 9 and iPhone 9 Plus. The new iPhone will come with many new features.

By September 2019, the iPhone 9 will introduce to the whole world. Apple has made the introduction of iPhone models until this time from September. The release date iPhone 9 will also be in September.

iPhone 9 Features

Wireless charging: Apple has been working on this feature for years. And now the iPhone 9 brings wireless charging. The iPhone 9 can be charged wirelessly.

You will be charging at the same time you use your phone at home.

This will be possible with an apparatus that will wear a prize at home.

Apple engineers have been working on wireless charging for 3 years. The iPhone can be charged wirelessly up to 10-20 meters from the charger. Your phone will no longer be charged at home, in the office, on the car, in the shopping centers, on the sports fields.

The investigations of the damage to the body proved harmless as a result of the work done by the wireless chargers doctors. And now with the iPhone 9, the wireless charging feature is ready to come.

Camera: the iPhone 9 camcorder will come with automatic optical stabilizer. In the new technology, which will almost eliminate the vibrations, it will be more fun to shoot video now.

Both rear and front camcorders will be optical stabilizers.

The front camera will be 12 megapixels and the rear camera will be 15 megapixels.

Apple provides a unique experience for its users with its software. With iPhone 9, these experiences will be more fun.

With the new filters added to iPhone 8, taking photos will be more fun.

Apple health: Apple healthcare strengthens the relationship between users and doctors. In this way, the health data of the users are delivered directly to the doctors. With the blood pressure measurement sensor on the iPhone 9, users will always be able to measure their blood pressure.

The iPhone 9 will revolutionize healthcare.

iPhone 9 Price

Apple has always produced quality products and delivered them to users at the most reasonable price. The price of the iPhone 9 is not precise. But the price range of the iPhone 9 is expected to be like this:

iPhone 9 32 GB> $ 1199

iPhone 9 64 GB> $ 1399

iPhone 9 128 GB> $ 1599

iPhone 9 Plus 32 GB> $ 1299

iPhone 9 Plus 64 GB> $ 1499

iPhone 9 Plus 128 GB> $ 1699

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