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Playstation 5 Release Date

June 13, 2018, the president of Sony Interactive Entertainment America, Sean Leiden, in his interview, announced when they will present a new PlayStation 5 game console, and he called it that way. This is especially interesting, because some people think that the future console can be called something different (for example, PlayStation X).

According to him, the new device will not be presented by Leiden not only within the framework of the E3 2018 exhibition, but this year too. At the same time, a Sony employee hinted that the announcement could occur at the E3 2019, which will be held in June next year.

If this is indeed the case, and this is indicated by all the facts, then it will arrive on the shelves of stores not earlier than the second half of 2020, which completely coincides with the information that the publications published earlier. Announcement of the console of the new generation for a year and a half before the start of its sales will allow all game studios and developers to fully work on games for this console, keeping everything in secret.

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