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Samsung Galaxy S10 Price and Release Date

Samsung Galaxy S10 Price

In Germany, the Samsung models are now found in all major and minor suppliers. This affects both the network operators Telekom, Vodafone and O2 as well as discounters and providers such as Congstar, 1 & 1 or the Drillisch brands Simply, Smartmobil, WinSIM or Maxxim. The models this year have cost 849 euros and 949 euros (for the Galaxy S9 +). Should Samsung but actually obstruct so many innovations in the models, one can assume that the devices are probably more expensive. Then the price should rather be 899 and 99 euros.

But that also means that the devices with a contract will probably not be less than 40 euros per month. Even with a low fare so you pay a very high monthly sum. However, the prices for the Samsung models are usually quite fast. The Galaxy S9 models were just a few months after the market launch for under 600 € to have. This development should also be expected on the Galaxy S10. Both the prices with contract and without tariff should therefore already be a short time after the start of the devices significantly cheaper. It can be worthwhile to wait.

The basic design was hardly changed compared to the previous versions. The concept of the Galaxy S10 is also based on the well-known Infinity display with small edges and a rounded AMOLED Displa, which is already known from the Galaxy S8 and the S9 ago. A Notch design will probably not exist on the Galaxy S10. Samsung set its own design language and will of course also implement this with the next top model.

Android 9 will probably be used as the operating system, and the latest generation of Qualcomm Snapdragon processors (at least in the US) will be responsible for the power in the USA, and probably a corresponding Exynos model directly from Samsung in the international sector.

Galaxy S10 Release Date

So far, Samsung has not yet called an official date when the new Galaxy S10 and S10 + models are to be presented to the public. In recent years, the Galaxy S9 were presented to the MWC in Barcelona and there was the end of February. There are indications this year that the Galaxy S10 models may be more likely to hit the market. Allegedly, the galaxy S9 does not sell as well as expected and therefore the company wants to prefer the S10 a bit to close this gap. With a little luck, the Galaxy S10 could therefore already be presented in January 2019 and then possibly go a short time later in the sale. However, even here: an official confirmation for it is not yet by Samsung.

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