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Facebook buys Vidpresso's

Vidpresso makes it easier to add interactive effects to videos of amateur live broadcasters.

Thanks to the new initiative to Facebook, it will be easier to add interactive effects to videos of amateur live broadcasters. The Vidpresso initiative gives customers the opportunity to view video surveys, commentaries, and social networking content such as Facebook, Twitter, and Periscope. A spokesperson tells TechCrunch that Facebook has joined the initiative with its seven-person team and technology, but says the company does not buy it. Vidpresso employees will start working at Facebook's London and Los Angeles offices. Customers like Buzzfeed and Nasdaq will continue to benefit from the company's services.

You can watch a live broadcast with Vidpresso from below:

It is not known whether Facebook will cut off access to these companies' Vidpresso technology. However, in the statement made by the team, it is stated that when joining Facebook, the vehicles of the company can be used not only by the most popular broadcasting companies but also by different people. "These tools will be presented to the producers later on," said Vidpresso's team, "so they can focus on their content and produce content that looks great without spending too much money or time."

The inclusion of Vidpresso by Facebook shows that the investments made by the technology giant will continue. The company wants to be an important part of the video business every day by offering new features and fighting with its competitors in the same area. One of the newest features is the Watch Party application, which allows you to broadcast prerecorded videos live. So Facebook groups can watch videos at the same time.

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