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Facebook Denies Cooperation Between Stellar

Facebook was forced to launch an innovation with the stars of the Blockchain team on Facebook, Stellar network on Facebook refused to claim milk news on Facebook when he wanted to remove his crypt money.

He talked about the subject, which is a facebook word from financial news sources. You have to do a lot of work on Facebook and Facebook has no intention of making a fork in the crypto currency's Stellar network to create a Facebook-specific Blockchain. Part of explaining the verb is as follows:
"We do not have any talks with Stellar, and we have no idea of working on their technology."
Some time ago, Facebook's Blockchain team tried to launch a collaboration with Stellar, and even news that Facebook wanted to remove its own crypto money through Stellar's network, but Facebook denied these claims.

Cheddar, a financial news source, told a story about a topic on Facebook. According to comments made by the Facebook spokesman, the company is not working on the Stellar protocol, and Facebook's crypto currency has no intention of making a Facebook-specific Blockchain by making a fork in the Stellar network. Part of the explanation made by the spokesman is as follows:

"We do not have any talks with Stellar, and we have no idea of ​​working on their technology."

These allegations about Facebook are actually based on a report made by Business Insider last week. Business Insider showed an anonymous source last week, saying that David Marcus, head of Facebook's cryptographic currency, wants to cooperate with Stellar.

Shortly thereafter, news was reported that Marcus left Coinbase's position on the board, and Marcus's resignation was cited as a 'conflict of interest'. Marcus told Cheddar in some statements about the matter and said:
"I thought it would be appropriate for me to leave the Coinbase board because I created a new team for Blockchain on Facebook."
Apart from Marcus, a Facebook spoken to TechCrunch was found in the following explanations:

"We are still in the beginning stages and there are a few different areas where we can use Blockchain. That's all we have to say for now. "
When all these explanations are put together, we can be sure that Facebook has some plans for Blockchain. What remains is a big question: If they will not work with Stellar, then what exactly do they plan? 

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