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Has social media growth slowed down?

After Facebook and Twitter, Snapchat also experienced a decrease in the number of users. This may mean that the growth of social media has stopped.
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After Facebook and Twitter's poor growth performance, Snapchat also experienced a decrease in the number of users. The number of users of the social media platform decreased by 1.5 percent from 191 million to 188 million. The company's recent design change has attracted a lot of reaction from users, and a million people joined the signing campaign to get the change back. It is thought that the cause of this decline may be design change. However, when we look at the number of users of other social networks, we see a similar trend. This may mean that the growth of social media has stopped.

Facebook scandals hit

Facebook continues to grow but it does not reach the targeted numbers. As the company's recent growth figures were below forecasts, Facebook lost 120 billion dollars, the biggest drop in a single day. The company says they lost 3 million users in Europe, especially after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, which is affecting growth figures.

One of the reasons for the growth of Facebook is the parent factor. Facebook, which is only a meeting place for young people for a period, is now being used intensely by parents. Young people are also moving away from Facebook because they do not feel very free on a platform where their relatives are located. eMarketer analyst says Facebook is an 'adolescent' problem and says there is a neslon who has never signed up to Facebook.

But Facebook is not too worried because the people who move away from this platform are migrating to Instagram which belongs to the same company. The only major social network that does not complain about growth figures is like Instagram. However, considering that some of the new members of Instagram are also old Facebook users, the total number of social network users does not seem to increase significantly.

Twitter is roasting in its own oil

Twitter's problem is fake and trawling calculations. The company, which has announced that it has deleted 1 million accounts per day to combat these accounts, seems to be attached to 335 million users. For a long time, Twitter has reached the saturation, with no significant change in the number of users. The platform, which is expected to be a competitor to Facebook for some time, is now seen as an alternative network independent of Facebook with its own mass of users.

Youtube has no intention to stop

Youtube, on the other hand, continues to grow. Claire Hungate, director of social video company Brave Bison, does not think Youtube is slowing down. Hungate "I think Youtube's best days have not come yet. Snapchat lost the user due to the new design. Facebook took a hit but managed to survive. Twitter will improve the user experience by turning to video. "

"Today, about half of the world's population is using social media regularly," said Hungate. "Users' expectations are very high now. Quality seems like the best business plan. All these social platforms can grow, but users can be unfriendly and shift to other networks. "

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