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How do bats find their way around in the dark?

Scientists claim that they find the ways of warfare and their prey with the help of ulltrasonic voices they use. Even with the help of these voices, you can understand that your own species is a living creature, a hunting game, or even a tree, allegedly. But they also add that it is hard to be real. If we think about it, it really seems impossible.

A group of researchers from the University of Antwerp, Belgium and the University of Bristol, UK, came together to solve this challenge. The team scanned a forest with lasers and tried to view its three-dimensional reflection on a computer. Then he tried to figure out how the yarns created three-dimensional and two-dimensional environments of flying.

However, the injuries were using a different way: they compare the noise levels of the two ears and they are moving in the opposite direction that the sound is too much. Thanks to this over-sensitive hearing system, they can perceive the difference in noise between the ears during a second. The length of the voice that comes from the madness tells you how far away it is. Did you say void? It's a bit intuitive, but it's not too hard to notice that they're in space.

With repetitive computer studies we learned this ability of the wounds. But the main difference between the findings and those that are thought is that they do not know where the wounds are. They just know where to turn and where to eat.

This sensitive feeling also allows for faster movement to the battlefield, and scientists are considering using this feature in unmanned aerial vehicles and other robots.

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