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How Does the World's Center Stay Hot?

The earth consists of several layers. Outermost is the earth's crest, the inner mantle, and the inner core. The outer parts of the kernel are liquid while the innermost parts are solid. The average temperature on earth is around 15 ° C. However, as we move toward the center of the Earth, the temperature starts to increase. The temperature of the inner core is thought to be around 6000 ° C. What is the source of the high temperatures in the center of the Earth and how does the center of the Earth manage to stay warm?

There are several sources of heat in the center of the Earth. First of all, the formation of the Earth was already quite warm. Equilibrium systems have a total kinetic energy and a potential energy potential. This causes systems that are dominated by gravity to shrink and heat up as they lose energy. Decreasing, the kinetic energy (the movement energy of the particles in the system) will increase from the system. It is possible that the system heats up. It can be great when the world is formed. This energy continues to dissipate over time.

Another source of heat in the center of the world is rubbed. The world was so irregular at first. As time went by, massive materials began to accumulate in the center, with light substances, under the influence of gravity. Art world where heat in the world is superior. This is the Formatting Power. The greatest cause in the world is radioactive substances. The radioactive atoms, such as potassium-40, uranium-238, uranium-235 and thorium-232, found in the inner layers of Yerkurren provide more genetic makeup. It is thought that these radioactive plants were the source of about 90% of the Yerküred.

The world is losing 50 tons of power today. However, no place is observed.

This is almost the world's almost radioactive radio is the authority to steal. In the future, one day, after billions of years, reproduction may become unfavorable to solve the world problem related to the reduction of heat. But this time the time will never happen. He will swallow the world.

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