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iOS 12: How to Check Battery Usage Details

Apple has made significant changes to display more advanced battery usage details on iPhone and iPad with iOS 12, which was originally released for testing by developers and finally Beta Software Program users. With the new battery tools in iOS 12 and iOS devices, the details of battery usage are now more readily available for viewing.

iOS 12 Battery Usage Details

Go to Settings> Battery menu to access battery usage information for your iOS device. At the top of your menu you will see the option of Low Power Mode and the Battery Health (Beta) option first introduced with iOS 11.3. If you slide the screen down a bit, you can see the new battery tools. New battery usage and activity charts with last 24 hours and last 10 days tabs provide us with information on battery usage, on-screen and off-screen duration. Just below the graphs are the battery usage data of the applications.

From the Battery Level graph in the last 24 hours, you can see the percentage of charge for your battery, the distance you charge your battery, and how much of your display is on or off. You can view battery activity details every 1 hour by touching any area you want on the Battery Level graph. Bars displayed with a dark blue on the activity screen show that your screen is open, while bars with light blue show the time that your screen is closed. By switching to the Last 10 Days tab you can access more detailed and more general battery usage details.

As you can see in the example below, when we check the battery usage details of your iPhone from the Last 10 Days tab, you can see that our screen lasts 4 hours, 37 minutes and 16 minutes on Wednesday. PUBG Mobile consumed 42 percent of the iPhone's charge. You can also see the 100 percent line if you look at the Thursday battery stick. This means that the iPhone's charge is recharged at a rate of 40-50 percent, which is not completely exhausted.
With the fact that it is quite easy to use the battery usage statistics that come with iOS 12, at least it feels like there are some regulations that need to be done on page layout. Apple will probably continue to organize on the Battery menu with future iOS 12 betas.

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