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iPhone 11 vs. iPhone X

Apple will hear the latest iPhone models with the usual September feature next month. This iPhone iPhone is expected to come from the iPhone iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Plus and 6.5 inch LCD screen (iPhone 9).

In the iPhone models of the previous year, the previous iPhone models have great capabilities.

It is not expected at any time in design. This year's iPhone models come with a design similar to the iPhone X, notched and end-to-end display.

Perspectives other than hardware and the articles from industrial sources are almost certain.

This summer we will compare iPhone's images with iPhone's.

iPhone X

  • 64-bit architecture (10 nm) A11 Bionic chip,
  • First generation Face ID
  • 5 W USB - Lightning power adapter,
  • 3 GB RAM,
  • 60 Hz screen refresh rate,
  • Apple Pencil support is missing,
  • Space Grisi and Silver color options,
  • 64 GB and 256 GB storage capacity.

iPhone 11

  • 64-bit architecture (7 nm) A12 chip (10 percent faster than successor)
  • Second generation Face ID
  • 18 W USB-C - Lightning power adapter,
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 120 Hz screen refresh rate
  • Apple Pencil support will be found,
  • Space Grisis, Silver and Gold color options,
  • 64 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB storage capacity

There is no rumor or leaking beyond the camera's future with the larger camera sensor of the iPhone 11.

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