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iPhone 9 and iOS 12

What Is It?: Apple’s iPhone 9, which could also be called the iPhone Edition or iPhone X when it launches, will be a specialty device created to commemorate Apple’s 11th anniversary of the iPhone. Unlike every iPhone model before it, the iPhone 9 is slated to boast a laundry list of next-generation features including a massive, 5.8-inch edge-to-edge OLED display, wireless charging, advanced 3D/AR capabilities, significantly beefed-up camera hardware, and much more.

Why You Should Be Excited: The iPhone 9 will represent Apple’s most powerful and technologically advanced iPhone yet and will feature a form-factor unlike any other before it. While the device is expected to cost a small fortune, however, it’s nevertheless going to be a one-of-a-kind iPhone that die-hard Apple fans will certainly not want to miss out on.

iOS 12

iOS 12, the next version of iOS - the operating system that runs on all iPhones and iPads - will hit Apple devices in the autumn of 2018, and we saw a preview of it at WWDC 2018 on 4 June.

But what does it offer in terms of performance, interface changes and new features? When will it be released to the public? How does it compare to iOS 11? And which iPads and iPhones can run it? We cover all the launch details in this article.

Release date

iOS updates roll out initially in a beta, or pre-release testing version. The official version follows after.

The first iOS 12 developer beta was made available after the WWDC keynote (we're up to the sixth beta now) but as the name suggests these are for registered developers only. Members of the public had to wait until 25 June, when the public beta was made available for download. (Here's how to install the iOS 12 beta.)

The final public launch of iOS 12.0 will happen in the autumn - probably mid to late September.

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