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iPhone 9

iPhone 9 Release Date

Apple introduced iPhone 8 last September. And he attracted great interest around the world. This will introduce you to iPhone 9 and iPhone 9 Plus. The new iPhone will come with many new features.

By September 2018, the iPhone 9 will introduce to the whole world. Apple has made the introduction of iPhone models until this time from September. The release date iPhone 9 will also be in September.

iPhone 9 Price

Apple has always produced quality products and delivered them to users at the most reasonable price. The price of the iPhone 9 is not precise. But the price range of the iPhone 9 is expected to be like this:

iPhone 9 64 GB> $ 999
iPhone 9 256 GB> $ 1149

iOS 12 Performance for new iPhones

Apple's latest iOS version of iOS 11 to distinguish the performance difference on an iPhone 8 or iPhone 7 is unlikely compared to the old iPhone. Because iPhone 8 or iPhone 7 with iOS 11 installed is already extremely fast. Still, while performing most operations, iOS 12 seems to perform better than iOS 11.4.1.

Similar performance tests were performed on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. Devices with the next iOS version were seen to perform better. As a result, this coming release of iOS has proven to perform far better on all iPhones, especially on the old iPhone models.

Users wondering exactly when the latest iOS version of Apple will be released can review the following.

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