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Nikola Tesla And Inventions

Nikola Tesla was born on July 9, 1856, in the village of Smiljana, Croatia. He was telling him that he was a Serb, not a Croat, when asked. In his first years of youth, he was curious about knowledge, and he added innovations to languages ​​he knew just in order to follow in detail scientific articles. Prague

During his years at the University he was able to use Serbian, Czech, Hungarian, German, English, French and Italian as his native language. Later he added Sanskrit to these languages. At the age of twenty-six he moved to Budapest and was appointed chief electrician to the Budapest Telegraph Office. In the 0 years, he used a very inefficient direct current system, so electricity could not be delivered everywhere. So a large part of the world was still condemned to candlelight. He had been thinking about it for a very long time, day and night, and he was so sleepless enough to even put his health in jeopardy. And one day when he walked in the park with his friend Anthony Szigety, he suddenly found a great idea: Alternative current. Szigety would describe that moment as; "He was just watching the sunset and reading a passage from Goethe's Faust, and he began to cling to the earth with a stick he picked up. Here is the schematic of the alternating-current motor in Tesla's mind! What's more, thanks to that idea, the planet will soon be enlightened both mentally and literally. In fact, what he discovered that day was a system called the "rotating magnetic field". The technology we use today is shaped entirely on this. This man once put a light on the whole world. And yet the bulb had not been discovered yet. But in Europe, he could not find anyone who could understand the value of this magnificent reconnaissance. In 1893 he took the patent of the alternating current motor and headed for America. This journey was, in a sense, the first step towards the time when it would begin to shape the scientific and technological development of the next century. Tesla, the main cause of the scourge of science in the 20th century, described the universe as consisting of energy waves moving in different octaves, just like a symphony. Nowadays, it is still not known exactly what the electricity is. We use it, but we can not figure out why. Tesla, however, directed him as a conductor and orchestra conductor, at a level where no one had succeeded. He certainly did not use electricity as we know it. He gave it the name "Radiant Energy" and it was undoubtedly his greatest discovery, which had many mysteries. Nikola Tesla was a great scientist trying to tell the power of things they did not even know about humanity. Most of the time he passed the time he lived, turning the gulf's future into the future, giving his messages to the people of a century later.


Edison and Tesla are fighting!

American years began with Thomas Edison's assistant. In those years Edison
in Edison, how he had patented the light bulb that he did not know how to illuminate and thought about the efficient distribution of electricity. Tesla had alternative current technology, and Edison had a light bulb. Edison insists on using direct current, but he was not able to overcome systematic problems. Over the years, Tesla and Edison have built many new systems for rectification by bypassing DC technology. But Edison could not have accepted that the solution was to use an alternating current. At the same time, Edison undertook all the projects on which they were working, taking out even the patents on their behalf, deriving from Tesla's work. And this is just the beginning. As Tesla's inventions surprised people and began to create massive fanfare around him, Thomas Edison's ambition grew exponentially. It is as if the only purpose now began to act as if he had erased it from the pages of history. Thus a battle between direct current and alternating current began, with Edison's sales tactics on one side and Tesla's extraordinary intelligence on the other. Nikola Tesla was a genius scientist who could reasonably calculate complex mathematical equations. Even the most intricate mechanical parts were easily shaped in his mind without the need to use paper and pencils thanks to his strong visual intelligence. Since he works in this way, he will never record a lot of discoveries he made in the following years, forget some of them, but he would not care much about it. Thomas Edison was more like a CEO of a company, trying to convince people of his own. On the other hand, direct current can not transfer electricity away, and alternating current can easily be used to overcome this problem because it can use high voltage. But this did not stop Edison and found companies that would invest heavily. These investments have never been afforded. Same

Over the years Tesla has found its own sponsors and has established Tesla Electricity Company. Tesla won the lighting contract for the Colombia Fair in Chicago despite Edison and his investors' scandal campaign. Thanks to this, 100 thousand street lamps in the city were illuminated. This fair turned out to be an awesome showcase for exhibiting his aghas and influenced the entire world, not just a city or America.


Niagara's power

"When I said," I'll use Niagara to get POWER, "he stunned everybody. It was her childhood dream. Some thought it went too far, and you could never do such a thing. But they believed in him. After the success he had caught at the Chicago fair, he started working for the world's first hydroelectric power plant to be built into the Niagara waterfall, led by the VVestinghouse firm. After five years of effort, in 1896, the first energy generated in Niagara reached the city of Buffalo, 40 miles away. In the future, the number of generators in the chandelier has been increased, and in just a few years it has been able to enlighten New York. The transformation of New York into a bright city turned Tesla's alternating current into a feast of victory against Edison. Ultimately, Edison had to update the technology in his own accord.


Cosmic Siklos

He was very impressed by the Eastern philosophy, especially interested in the "Veda" which formed the basic ideas of Indian culture. BC, which was written in the 2000s, "Farewell" origin of the universe in the book of teachings (kozmog NEW) and cycles (sikius), the information was also included about. In particular, the sections of the cosmogony and cycles were taken from Tesla's mind. Time and space united in the cosmic cycles, and the resulting picture presented a new perception of the universe. So he began to explore in depth the eastern philosophy and its associated mechanics. Veda had described the matter as "Akasha" and the energy as "prana". Tesla, who also learned Sanskrit to be able to read these documents, now begins to see the universe with a different eye. He has done some studies over many years that the material is actually energy. The work described in these works, published by Einstein, could only be put into mathematics ten years later and thus proved.


Colorado Springs Lightning

NIKOLA TESLA, like Leonardo da Vinci, was inspired by nature. At the beginning of his dreams, he was making a mechanism that could produce renewable or unlimited energy. "My ultimate goal is to be able to transmit electric waves in the atmosphere," he said every time. The use of fossil fuels to obtain power was a barbaric practice. It was only then that we were beginning to give great damage to the planet, which we live in because of these fuels. At the United Nations' environmental conference in Kyoto last year, Tesla's projects were considered the only solution to global warming and environmental pollution. In 1890 he succeeded in burning the light bulbs by transmitting electricity without using cables. In another experiment he did nine years later, he operated 200 ampoules and an electric motor, 40 kilometers away, in the same way. In 2007, a group of scientists, considered the greatest deities in the world's most famous universities, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), just as Tesla, tried and failed to transceiver wirelessly just a few meters away. Although today's technology seems to be sufficient to achieve such a thing, there is no information on how Tesla does it in his hands. Nikola Tesla did not draw all the details of his experiments, but he kept some of it in his mind. In a nutshell, nobody knows how to do it. Tesla thought that the energy had to be transmitted through the ionosphere. Because in this part of the atmosphere, the air is less dense and therefore more conductive, so that a new adventure is thrown to explore ways of spreading electricity in the atmosphere. He settled in the famously Colorado Springs region with bad weather conditions. He watched the lightning strikes here for a long time and realized that the energy could pass through the world without the need for atmospheres. He knew he could imitate this process. And indeed, he produced a very large lightning in his first attempt. However, during the experiment there was a widespread effect around the area where he lived, and all the nearby towns illuminated with a great noise. As a result, overloading collapses the entire electrical system.


Atomic Robotics

In fact, before introducing the MARCONI radio radio many years ago, Tesla floated a radio-controlled toy boat in a pool in New York, and all the newspapers talked about this terrific experiment. In an interview with the New York Times; '' This is the first example of a robot race; These are the mechanical tools that will do the tiring work of people, '' he said. The wireless remote control technology was now on the spot.

This invention is really considered to be the beginning of robotic science. In the present day, the mechanical device with arms and legs, which we call humanoid robots, first came out of it. They even wrote in their notes that they would be able to move themselves by adding sensors to these instruments.


Radioastronomy was not yet known. So it was not an idea to send radio waves away from the atmosphere. But Tesla was working on something he did not tell anyone in detail, he said he took radio signals from Mars and Venus during his experiments. He added in a letter to a friend that he solved the ciphertext of this message. The comparison was skeptical; '' One two Three...''

Who carries the radio?

Guess what ...

MARCONI? Yes, the Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi was awarded the Nobel Prize for physics in 1909 for inventing radio. Do you know that everything you've worked on for this invention has been found by tesla before? Tesla, who did not pursue the majority of the patents, said to him: '' Marconi is a good friend. He has 17 patents. Let go. "

In 1895, as he was preparing to launch the world's first radio broadcast at a distance of 80 kilometers, everything he had to work on because of the fire in his laboratory had disappeared. With this fire, he had to take a hang on many important theories. It even started looking for financial resources. Marconi is a very successful person, one of Tesla's friends and students. But Tesla had something she did not care about. He also praised Edison and others as being a good business man. Marconi, who had made a tremendous fortune in a short time thanks to the radio, was one of the multi-millionaire of the era when life was goodbye. However, Marconi was only an assistant to Tesla as he developed the radio station. In the end, Marconi had received the Nobel Prize for both patience and discovery, but Marconi's patience was canceled a few months after Tesla's death and returned to the real owner.


A Lost Idea of Disappearance with Secrets

After the earthquakes he had created in New York, the American government realized that he had a brain capable of producing powerful weapons of mass destruction. In fact Tesla did not have such an aim. He wanted to present a beautiful future to the whole world of science and technology by presenting to people only what they see in their minds. But the government authorities have forced him to work in his own secret blueprints, keeping him under surveillance. Their aim was to develop a device that would have the effect of invisibility. In the 1930s, he worked with Hungarian mathematician John Neumann for ten years on this project. In the following years, Neumann was involved in atomic bomb experiments under the name of the Manhattan Project. The first invisibility experiment performed by the couple failed. In 1943, however, they were able to lose together with their staff in a submarine without any optical illusion. Even the radar could not see him anymore. Since the experiment is hidden in the American government with all the details, how it has been accomplished preserves its mystery even today. However, after the gentleman disappeared in PHILADELPHIA and appeared in NORFOLK far away, he was later recollected in PHILADELPHIA. In fact, some of the staff never returned, and most of the returnees were told that psychic abilities emerged. Some are said to have disappeared in their later lives. Tesla, who understood that this experiment would hurt people, immediately left the project and passed away mysteriously without death.

3.5 million volt time travel

NIKOLA TESLA was a genius who was only sleeping two hours a day, constantly working, fully aware of his life. Today, even when a few of us have forgotten our passwords, he memorizes all the books he reads, and if necessary he can repeat a whole book from his mind. He was so busy with science that there was not a time to share such things, even though he was very popular among women as a handsome giant, two feet tall. Inventions that he made because he had a far more intelligence than the one he lived INTERNET The giant brain that surrounds the world was closely interested in the "global wireless communication" project that he pointed out to today's Internet technology in years he lived in NEW YORK. He understood that not only voice, but also images and information could be transmitted too far. Long distance phone calls, music, news, image transmission and even military communication could be transferred in this way. Because of this crazy idea, while everyone else thinks he is crazy, J.P. who accepts to invest in him. It is narrated that Morgan said to his manager; "When this technology is fully implemented, the world will turn into a giant brain that can respond to it every time." always pointing to the future. The real value of most inventions, or the practical areas of use at that time, was never understood. Space and time are two words that express something different for him. Neither the space nor the rules of time prevented him from escaping, as he swept away the rules, trying to discover the mysteries of the nature of the universe. When he understood the magnetic fields, he saw that space and time could change using high voltage. The real goal was to open a door to other dimensions. So he was talking about time travel. As a result of an accident in one of his experiments, he accidentally lost 3.5 million volts of electric current and lost consciousness for a while. Of course those who watched from the outside said that. In fact, it was a pleasure; had been subjected to echoes of electromagnetic charge by the influence of current flowing through his body. He expressed the situation in his own words; "I have not lost my consciousness, on the contrary I have found myself experiencing the same past, present and future." According to him, while the body lies there unconscious and immobile, the mind has actually moved beyond the timeline. Thus, to deal with the unknown aspects of high voltage and frequency, it began to slip towards the dangerous dimensions of cosmic structure. In some subsequent experiments, he showed that his body was able to light a bulb that he held in his hand by passing 10,000 volts of electricity. He used high-frequency devices during the experiment and his other hand was mostly in his pocket. The secret of your hand in your pocket never solved. He was exhibiting his scientific discoveries in so many different ways that, for those watching him, these experiments were a public show. He began to understand the mysteries of the mind after the installation of electricity. In the following years, Alfa discovered the waves of Beta and Teta spreading from his brain. He said that people are energy fields and that the power of this field can be increased. He even described how it could be achieved.


The foundations of HAARP technology

J.P. in NEW YORK. While continuing his experiments with the sponsorship of Morgan, he invented a steam oscillator that oscillated in the same frequency as the resonance of the earth. Yeah, he knew about the resonance of the world because he calculated it first. This frequency of oscillation was understood and approved by science 50 years after Tesla's calculations. Tesla got so high tensions with his oscillator that he caused earthquakes in the neighborhood he lived during his experiments. Even in some houses it seemed that the goods were ventilated mysteriously. With the Oscillator Experiment, he could really divide the world into two. This invention is considered the foundation of HAARP technology, which is now used to produce artificial earthquakes.


Unidentified person

Despite hundreds of inventions and inventions that have allowed today's science to evolve, this brightest man in history has never been as rich as his colleagues. He was dealing with the inventions that the future generations could understand. However, when they lived, they had technological needs such as toast machines or water heaters that would be more concrete, simpler, perhaps just for everyday needs. Tesla was making revolutionary breakthroughs and did not expect it to be really understood or appreciated. 0, while trying to give people unlimited energy, their colleagues intend to earn big bucks from small inventions. Money was never kept to be greedy. He wasted his lab in his pocket. He expressed this subject in his own words: "Money does not have the kind of self-imposed value I have invested in all my experiments, so I make new discoveries with them and make human life a little easier." Life ended in a hotel room in New York City at the age of 86. He told me about a mystical situation I had in his last interview with a journalist: "I've been feeding pigeons for years, I've fed a thousand, but one was different than all of them, just a white, very beautiful bird with light gray shades on its wings, a female, where I see my imagination. I do not think about it, it comes to me where I am, I understand it, I love him, I love that decker, Even as a man can love a woman, When I last saw him he wanted to say something, that he was dying. I saw the light. " Very shortly after this interview, he said goodbye. Despite the "do not disturb" sign, which was hanging at the long-lived door, a suspicious crew member had found his lifeless body when he came in. The pigeons in the window were still waiting. The officer gave them food. As he said, he was not among the other white pigeons that Tesla spoke of. The only real award given to him during his life was the Nobel Prize he shared with Edison in 1915. But Tesla did not accept the award. Later on, he was deemed worthy of the Edison Medal as a fate of fate, but he had rejected it. In order for this great genius to dedicate his inventions to the people of the future, it must have been a hundred years since he had foreseen. Tesla was not mistaken in any prophecy; People of the future connected with a giant brain revealed the truth and showed the value of everybody. "The promise that man can accomplish the impossible is insufficient because man can reach beyond the impossible." It is his greatest honor to be remembered as the only person who has achieved this in history.

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