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Why Are the Edges of Metal Coins serrated?

The first coin was produced by Lydians living in Anatolia in the 7th century BC. The first mint in the world was established in Istanbul by Fatih Sultan Mehmet.

Prior to the invention of the paper, the first notes were produced from precious metals such as gold, silver or copper. If the paranormal shifts from paper to paper, The Chinese who used leather money in 118, M.S. In 806, they decided to give up and choose paper. The beginning of the use of paper money in Western civilizations almost coincides with the end of the 17th century.

In the ancient times it was possible to accumulate this precious mining, especially by digging the edges of gold and silver money. Those who were able to do this were using the mines they had collected. In fact, this is the reason why the first coins are not angled. Because a round metal is much more difficult to dig without changing its shape. But even with this difficulty, it was necessary to produce a new solution because it was possible to come from above. Thus, the recesses and protrusions were added to the sides of the coins. It was immediately apparent when the edge of the money was dug on this count, and nobody would accept such money. No more valuable metals are used in modern metal coins. Despite this, however, the relief or writing on the edge is entirely due to a practice habit.

Short answer: In order to prevent the precious metals from being scraped from the waste.

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