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Why don't the Mummies rot?

The embalming process allows a body buried even 5,000 years ago to remain intact miraculously. The decay time of a body that is not embalmed is rather short.

The mummification process lies in the mysterious drying process. This means that all the damp formations in the body are thrown away and made completely dry. In fact, the reason for the decay of the bodies is due to the growth and spread of the bacteria in a humid environment. The result is deterioration of the skin and organs. But in an environment where water is not available, it is impossible for bacteria to survive.

The mummification process in ancient Egyptian civilization and in South America was based on this fact. The Egyptians took all the organs and covered the body with an externally salty mixture. When 40 days passed, the salting process absorbed all the remaining nipple. Organs dried in a separate environment were also put back to their places, usually after the completion of this process. But it was also seen that the mummies were sometimes filled with sawdust and wrapped in resin and linen.

Short answer: Because they are completely dried.

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