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iPhone SE 2 Release Date and Price

With reports that Apple will soon be launching the successor to the iPhone X, alongside a Plus version of the X-style handset and a cheaper iPhone X-style phone with an LCD display, where does that leave the iPhone SE? Will we ever see a successor to the smaller, cheaper iPhone?

For those looking for a 'budget' iPhone, it looks like the rumoured 6.1in LCD variant of the iPhone X-style device might be the successor to the iPhone SE, with the iPhone 7 specs (read more about the processor here). But whether that phone will come in at a price people would consider "budget" is the big question. We look at the expectations for price below.

As for whether the successor to the iPhone SE will be as small as the current SE... If you prefer your iPhones smaller you may be disappointed. Rumours right now point to three new iPhones being in the pipeline - and none of them have a 4in screen like the SE. We will look in more detail at the dimensions of the new handset below.

So read on to find out more about the iPhone SE 2 - or at any rate, a "budget" successor to that phone - as we collect and analyse the clues, hints and evidence pointing to the release date of Apple's follow-up to the iPhone SE, as well as the iPhone SE 2's tech specs, design, new features, pricing and leaked photos.

This page will be updated whenever new information emerges, so check back regularly for the latest iPhone SE 2 rumours. For buying advice related to the current range, take a look at our roundup of the best iPhone SE deals as well as our iPhone buying guide.

Will there be a new cheap iPhone?
Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that along with updates to the iPhone X and a bigger version of that full-screen iPhone with an OLED screen, Apple will launch a cheaper iPhone this September - except that handset will be a 6.1in model with an LCD screen, so perhaps not the smaller handset many are hoping for, but still a potential successor to the iPhone SE. We analyse all the rumours below and also in this article: iPhone 2018 rumours.

iPhone SE 2 release date

Throughout 2018 rumours have pointed to a "budget" version of the iPhone X being launched in 2018.

Making his predictions about such an iPhone, early in 2018 analyst Ming-Chi Kuo pointed to a possible September release date for a cheaper version of the iPhone X, alongside the successor to the iPhone X.

Following Apple's announcement that it will be hosting a special event on 12 September, we're expecting to see these new iPhones then.

However, what isn't clear is whether this new phone will replace the iPhone SE, or if an iPhone SE 2 will launch at a later date - rumours aren't indicating that we will see an iPhone SE 2 in September. 

It's possible that an iPhone SE 2 could arrive in spring 2019, which would be three years after that handset first launched.

It is possible that the iPhone SE will no longer be sold after Apple updates its range of iPhones in the autumn, although you may be able to pick up the 4in handset from one of the phone networks.

iPhone SE 2: Price

The iPhone SE is currently available in 32GB and 128GB versions. In the UK the 32GB model costs £379; 128GB is £479. (For comparison, in the US the iPhone SE costs $399 for 32GB and $449 for 129GB.)

It would be reasonable to expect the iPhone SE 2 to be similarly priced when (and if) it launches.

However, if the true successor to the iPhone SE will be the 6.1in LCD-screen equipped, iPhone X-style phone, this is rumoured to start at $700/£700, which is certainly not in the same league as the iPhone SE, or even what anyone would consider a budget price.

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