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The academics prepared the periodic table of the technology

The academics working at the Imperial Technical Foresight (ITF) named institution (a subsidiary of Imperial College London) are beginning to use the amorphous and tangible technologies you have not seen before.

These people should make a table. We have 100 of them, which are moderate and do not fall out every day.

To give an example, crypto-currencies (named Cr) are now part of our modern life; The battlefield robots (Br) have something like "Iron Man".

Each element is coded with a color and placed in a gap along two axes: we see when this element becomes a reality in the X axis as the Y axis varies from high to low relative to the decay feature. When we break down the table, we get:

  • The green-colored elements in the lower left corner correspond to the things we now experience.
  • Blocks of yellow color can enter my life in the near future.
  • In the case of red colored elements the transformation to reality is still a bit far away, at least 20 hectares are needed to be real.
  • The last section in gray color is related to boundary science, TF is described as "highly unlikely but not entirely possible".

Finally, there are also the numbers of the elements, which correspond to examples of technology provided by the ITF.

These elements are also grouped thematically - in the lower right part of each box, there are over-automation and human-driven elements.

The table was uncovered by Richard Watson and Anna Cupani after reading the list of favorite technologies on Wikipedia.

These two scientists consulted experts in the creation of the table and wrote Post-it notes for each element, so the final version was found.

Maria Jeansson, a scientist working on the project, said the project was something that started to talk visuals.

Jeansson, in a statement to the Business Insider magazine, says: "Some corporate companies have used this picture to bring things up to what they have to think about. Others see these elements and say, 'We can not imagine that they will affect us.'

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