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iPhone XS release date, price and specs

Today’s the day. It’s now Wednesday September 12 and the clock is ticking down to Apple’s September 2018 iPhone launch event. There are loads of rumours surrounding the iPhone XS, including plenty of new ones to update you on at the eleventh hour, so shall we begin?
Like before, it’s thought that there are three new iPhones set to debut this autumn. The consensus is that two premium OLED models will be joined by a cheaper LCD iPhone. These could variously be named the iPhone 9, iPhone 11, iPhone SE 2 or – as we’ll discuss here – the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

Before we dive any deeper, here’s important iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR rumours at a glance.
  • New iPhones 2018 names: iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max (premium), iPhone XC/XR (affordable)
  • iPhone XS launch: Wednesday September 12
  • iPhone XS release date: Release date late-September 2018
  • iPhone XS price: circa £1000 (iPhone XS),
  • iPhone XS display size: 5.8-inch (iPhone XS) and 6.5-inch (iPhone XS Max) models
  • iPhone XS screen: OLED
  • iPhone XS processor: Faster Apple A12 7nm SoC
  • iPhone XS design: iPhone X-style ‘notch’ retained
  • iPhone XS camera: Protruding rear cameras (dual)
  • iPhone XS colour(s): New gold option
  • iPhone XS software: iOS 12

When is the new iPhone launch? Apple September 2018 iPhone event time and date

The stage is set for Wednesday September 12 and the Steve Jobs Theater at the new Apple Park complex in Cupertino, California.

The iPhone XS launch event is schedule to start at 10am PT, which is 1pm US eastern time, and 6pm BST in the UK.

iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XC come out?
As we’ve said, Apple is holding its ‘Gather Round’ event on September 12 – though that leaves us none the wiser as to when the iPhone XS and all its stablemates will actually get released.

However, based on the company’s history of staggering launch, pre-order, and release dates, we reckon sales of the iPhone XS won’t open immediately – Friday September 14 is one possibility, September 21 another – and the new handsets probably get released until late-September.

Given the pattern broadly established by iPhone launches gone by, here’s what to expect.
  • iPhone XS launch date: Wednesday September 12th (confirmed)
  • iPhone XS pre-orders live:  Friday September 14th or 21st (TBC)
  • iPhone XS release date (UK and US): Friday September 21st or 28th (TBC)

The same timeline might not hold true for every iPhone unveiled on September 12, but assuming the iPhone XS is indeed the successor to the iPhone X, there’s every chance it’ll be among the first released.

Here’s a reminder of when previous iPhone models were launched and then released, by way of reference.

iPhone XS Price: How much will the iPhone XS, iPhone Max and iPhone XC cost?
  • Rumoured iPhone XS price: From £999/$999
  • Rumoured iPhone XS Max price: From £1049/$1049
  • Rumoured iPhone XC price: From £699/$699
Pricing for the iPhone XS has yet to be confirmed, but we do know one thing: this is Apple, so it won’t be cheap.

The iPhone X starts at £999/$999 and runs up to a hefty £1149/$1149 for the top-specced model, meaning that you may need nigh on a grand to get yours paws on the iPhone XS outright – and the larger iPhone XS Max or Plus will likely cost even more.

This likelihood has seemingly been ‘confirmed’ by the mobile analyst community, with a recent CNBC report citing Bank of America’s Wamsi Mohan as tipping the iPhone XS for a $999/£999 starting price, and the XS Max for a $1049/£1049 minimum outlay.

The dubious Weibo leak pegs (according to 9to5Mac) the iPhone XC to start at $699, which would work out as £699 if the other new iPhone price information is correct.

And in other news, Donald Trump has offered his two cents ahead of Apple’s September 12 event, offering us the piercing insight that “Apple prices may increase”.

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